Artificial Grass Installation In Plymouth

Please find below a guide on how to install artificial grass if you would like to install yourself. Our experianced Artificial grass installers are available should you choose not to install yourself. This was an install of approx 70 ish sq meters. This was installed in conjuction with our offcial installers Plymouth Block Paving.

Artificial Grass Installation Step 1

Artificial grass install plymouth Artificial grass installation 1

Work out the height that you would like your artificial grass to be, and the height of the materials you will be installing such as your sub-base and weed protection barrier. Take up the grass sod, this can be done by hand for small areas with garden spade or we use a turf cutter if it is a large area, and depending on the height or levels some subsoil may need to be removed. Never build your base on topsoil for best results.

Artificial Grass Installation Step 2

Artificial Grass in plymouth 2 Artificial Grass installation

Compact the ground using a Vibration or whacker plate, these can be hired from builders merchants across Plymouth and Devon from about £35 a day. Its very important to ensure you have Sprayed weed killer on the area. Try to ensure the ground is as level as you can before compacting as this will make it easier when installing a sub base. However this can be levelled out using a grit sand.

Artificial Grass Installation Step 3

Artificial Grass installation plymouth Artiificial Grass Installation

If you are planning on using timber edging instead of a curbstone or other boarder, then install this now. Ensure it isn't higher than the final grass line so that you do not cause drainage issues. Put down a minimum of 3 inches of  type-one stone aggregate. Compact this with the vibrating or whacker plate. Once this has been whacked down water the surface and then go back over this will ensure a tighter compaction.

Artificial Grass Installation Step 4

Artificial grass intsallation plymouth Artificial Grass Installation

Using a layer of grit sand spread to a depth of between  1 and 2 inches. Compact with the vibration or whacker plate add more to achieve your desired level. Ensure the ground is level as you can get. Water Area and compact again to ensure tightly compacted. Lay a taram or weed membraine Lay grass on top of the membraine and leave to acclimatise for at least a couple of hours.

Artificial Grass Installation Step 5

Plymouth Artificial Grass Artificial Grass Installation

Install the grass using a sharp stanley knife for cutting in. Do not use the blade for anymore than 10 cuts to ensure a clean cut. Secure the edges either by sticking or pinning. Apply the kiln dried sand, 1 bag per 7.5 m2 apply evenly and sweep in.

All that is left to do is enjoy your new low maintence artificial grass lawn. No more mowing!

Artificial Grass Install Video

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